Ind Tech House Consult was established in 2007 for providing consultancy services in the field of Environment, Energy, Water, Waste Water, Social, Disaster Management, Health, Education, Urban, Regional, Tourism Development & Planning, Irrigation & Water Resource Management ,Traffic Engineering & Transportation Management.

Over a period of 10 years of operation, the organization has developed its reputation as one of the reliable consult and work with. The client retention and work friendly environment enabled our growth rate over the past decade.

Our core competency lies in our value based work ethics, retention of Client and Employees of the Organization.


Area of Specialization

We focus on Twelve Key Business Sectors

ITHC is committed to enhance shareholder’s value and emerge as a globally professional service provider by providing qualitative Consultancy & Monitoring Services in the field of Environment & Engineering including:

Environmental Impact Assessment Studies (EIA) & Environmental Clearance (EC);

Socio Environmental Impact Assessment Studies (SEIA);

Environmental Management Plan (EMP);

Process Safety/ HAZAN/ HAZOP Studies;

Environmental Monitoring and Assessment;

Characterization/ Treatability/ Feasibility Studies;

Consent Management (CTE/ CTO);

Environmental Regulatory Compliance Audits;

Corporate Environmental Services;

Water Supply & Waste Water Management;

Solid Waste/ Hazardous Waste Management;

Periodic Environmental Compliances